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Please disregard everything AO3 says on the "nominate" page. Do NOT choose the canonical versions of whatever tag you're nominating. Tags are NOT restricted to characters only. Thank you.

You can nominate 8 tags in the "Character" slot. They don't necessarily have to be characters; they can also be relationships or worldbuilding.

Nominating characters
If you wish to receive a Thing centering on a single character, nominate a character with the format Character: Name. Some examples:
Character: Maia Drazhar
Character: Csethiro Ceredin
Character: Lord Pashavar

Nominating relationships
If you wish to receive a Thing centering on a relationship between two or more characters, nominate the relationship with the format Relationship: Name 1 & Name 2 for platonic or familial relationships and Relationship: Name 1/Name 2 for romantic or sexual relationships. Please observe proper alphabetization with the character names. ("Athmaza" is not a surname, for example.) Some examples:
Relationship: Deret Beshelar/Cala Athmaza
Relationship: Deret Beshelar & Cala Athmaza
Relationship: Csevet Aisava/Original Male Tentacle Monster
Relationship: Csoru Drazharan & Vedero Drazhin

Nominating worldbuilding
If you wish to receive a Thing centering on worldbuilding, nominate the thing you'd like to receive worldbuilding about with the format Worldbuilding: Thing. Please name your thing as clearly as possible. Some examples:
Worldbuilding: Alcethmeret Sewage System
Worldbuilding: Pneumatic Tubes
Worldbuilding: Language of the Nazhmorhathveras

Now, go forth and nom!

Date: 2017-07-10 08:56 pm (UTC)
kiphiana: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kiphiana
I'm considering nomming the Tethimin sisters - what would be the best way to do that, since I don't think we have names for the youngest two? "Characters: The Tethimin Sisters" or "Relationship: UleviƤn Clunetharan & Paru Tethimin & Younger Tethimin Sister & Youngest Tethimin Sister" ?

Date: 2017-07-11 08:27 pm (UTC)
kiphiana: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kiphiana
Thank you!

Date: 2017-07-19 04:12 am (UTC)
galaxyhearts: (karkat smiling biiiiig)
From: [personal profile] galaxyhearts
Hi EP, it's Ten!

I tried nominating Csevet Aisava/Deret Beshelar and AO3 gave me this error:

"The tag Csevet Aisava/Deret Beshelar is already in the archive as a Relationship tag. (All tags have to be unique.) Try being more specific, for instance tacking on the medium or the fandom."

I don't see it in the nominated tags list, so it must be a weirdness on AO3's end, unless I missed something. Should I put it in as something slightly different like 'Csevet Aisava/Deret Beshelar (TGE)' to make it go through?

Date: 2017-07-20 03:10 am (UTC)
galaxyhearts: (signless smiling too)
From: [personal profile] galaxyhearts
Ah, thank you! That is completely understandable and I think also already in the instructions. ^.^; (This is why doing this sort of thing while too tired to think was a bad idea, ehehh... )

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