Jul. 12th, 2017

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The final list, in more readable format!

Character: Chenelo Drazharan
Character: Csevet Aisava
Character: Csoru Drazharan
Character: Dachensol Habrobar
Character: Deret Beshelar
Character: Holitho Sevraseched
Character: Kiru Athmaza
Character: Lisethu Pevennin
Character: Maia Drazhar
Character: Maru Sevraseched
Character: Telimezh
Character: Thara Celehar
Character: Vedero Drazhin

Relationship: Arbelan Drazharan/Aina Shulivar
Relationship: Arbelan Drazharan/Csoru Drazharan
Relationship: Arbelan Drazharan/Nedaö Vechin
Relationship: Arbelan Drazharan/Sheveän Drazharan
Relationship: Arbelan Drazharan/Stano Bazhevin
Relationship: Beltanthiar III/Hanevis Athmaza
Relationship: Cala Athmaza/Dazhis Athmaza
Relationship: Cala Athmaza/Deret Beshelar
Relationship: Cala Athmaza/Maia Drazhar
Relationship: Captain Vizhenka/Nadeian Vizhenka
Relationship: Csevet Aisava/Csethiro Ceredin/Maia Drazhar
Relationship: Csevet Aisava/Deret Beshelar
Relationship: Csevet Aisava/Eiru Berenar
Relationship: Csevet Aisava/Eiru Berenar/Maia Drazhar
Relationship: Csevet Aisava/Maia Drazhar
Relationship: Csevet Aisava/Nurevis Chavar
Relationship: Csoru Drazharan/Nurevis Chavar
Relationship: Cstheio/Ulis
Relationship: Eiru Berenar/Maia Drazhar
Relationship: Hanevis Athmaza/Orava the Usurper
Relationship: Maia Drazhar & Idra Drazhar
Relationship: Maia Drazhar/Deret Beshelar/Cala Athmaza
Relationship: Maia Drazhar/Eshevis Tethimar
Relationship: Maia Drazhar/Setheris Nelar
Relationship: Maia Drazhar/Telimezh
Relationship: Maia Drazhar/Varenechibel IV
Relationship: Nazhcreis Dein/Verer Orthema
Relationship: Pazhis Nethenel/Reshema
Relationship: Stano Bazhevin/Aina Shulivar
Relationship: Thara Celehar/Aina Shulivar
Relationship: Uleviän Clunetharan & Paru Tethimin
Relationship: Vedero Drazhin & Ino Drazhin & Mireän Drazhin & Idra Drazhar

Worldbuilding: Astronomy
Worldbuilding: Communion with the gods and goddesses
Worldbuilding: Costume History
Worldbuilding: Courting Rituals
Worldbuilding: Elves Were Once Nocturnal
Worldbuilding: Elvish Art
Worldbuilding: Festivals
Worldbuilding: Food and Drink
Worldbuilding: Goblin Davs
Worldbuilding: Guard Training
Worldbuilding: Linguistics
Worldbuilding: Magical System
Worldbuilding: Marnei Bath Houses
Worldbuilding: Mazei Novices
Worldbuilding: Mythology
Worldbuilding: Nohecharei
Worldbuilding: Pantheon
Worldbuilding: Postcanon Retellings of Canon
Worldbuilding: Scientific and Magical Research
Worldbuilding: Sex Toys
Worldbuilding: Tentacle Monsters
Worldbuilding: The Avarsin of Barizhan
Worldbuilding: The Chadevan Charade
Worldbuilding: The Clocksmiths' Guild
Worldbuilding: The Lion of Orpezhkhahar
Worldbuilding: The Vigilant Brothers
Worldbuilding: Theology
Worldbuilding: Wildlife & Natural Environment
Worldbuilding: Witnesses for the Dead

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