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Character: Aina Shulivar
Character: Cala Athmaza
Character: Chenelo Drazharan
Character: Csethiro Ceredin
Character: Csevet Aisava
Character: Csoru Drazharan
Character: Dazhis Athmaza
Character: Deret Beshelar
Character: Eshevis Tethimar
Character: Habrobar
Character: Hesero Nelaran
Character: Idra Drazhar
Character: Kiru Athmaza
Character: Maia Drazhar
Character: Nurevis Chavar
Character: Shaleän Sevraseched
Character: Sheveän Drazharan
Character: Telimezh
Character: Vedero Drazhin

Relationship: Arbelan Drazharan/Varenechibel IV
Relationship: Cala Athmaza/Dazhis Athmaza
Relationship: Cala Athmaza/Maia Drazhar
Relationship: Captain Vizhenka/Nadeian Vizhenka
Relationship: Chenelo Drazharan & Maia Drazhar
Relationship: Csethiro Ceredin/Csoru Drazharan
Relationship: Csethiro Ceredin/Maia Drazhar
Relationship: Csevet Aisava/Deret Beshelar
Relationship: Csevet Aisava/Eshevis Tethimar
Relationship: Csevet Aisava/Maia Drazhar
Relationship: Csevet Aisava/Maia Drazhar/Csethiro Ceredin
Relationship: Deret Beshelar/Cala Athmaza
Relationship: Idra Drazhar/Eshevis Tethimar
Relationship: Maia Drazhar & Setharis Nelar
Relationship: Maia Drazhar/Eshevis Tethimar
Relationship: Maia Drazhar/Setheris Nelar
Relationship: Shaleän Sevraseched/wife
Relationship: Stano Bazhevin & Vedero Drazhin
Relationship: Thara Celehar/Aina Shulivar
Relationship: Thara Celehar/Evru Dalar
Relationship: Varenechibel IV/Maia Drazhar

Worldbuilding: Airships
Worldbuilding: Architecture
Worldbuilding: Avarsin
Worldbuilding: Fashion
Worldbuilding: Goblin Maza/Mazei/Mazo
Worldbuilding: Heraldry
Worldbuilding: Imperial Succession
Worldbuilding: Libraries and Education
Worldbuilding: Linguistics
Worldbuilding: Magic System
Worldbuilding: Magical Education
Worldbuilding: Marnis Network in the Courier Fleet
Worldbuilding: Marnis Taverns in Larger Cities
Worldbuilding: Nohecharei
Worldbuilding: Politics and Diplomacy
Worldbuilding: Social Structures
Worldbuilding: Suppression of the Cult of Chevarimai
Worldbuilding: Tentacle Monsters
Worldbuilding: The Wisdom Bridge
Worldbuilding: Trade
Worldbuilding: Wildlife & Natural Environment
Worldbuilding: Women's Roles
Worldbuilding: Wonder Tales
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Nominations are open!

You can nominate up to 6 "characters" (characters, relationships, types of worldbuilding) here. Please check out the nominations instructions first.
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How to nominate

EDIT: Please disregard everything AO3 says on the "nominate" page. Do NOT choose the canonical versions of whatever tag you're nominating. Tags are NOT restricted to characters only. Thank you.

You can nominate 6 tags in the "Character" slot. They don't necessarily have to be characters; they can also be relationships or worldbuilding.

Nominating characters
If you wish to receive a Thing centering on a single character, nominate a character with the format Character: Name. Some examples:
Character: Maia Drazhar
Character: Csethiro Ceredin
Character: Lord Pashavar

Nominating relationships
If you wish to receive a Thing centering on a relationship between two or more characters, nominate the relationship with the format Relationship: Name 1 & Name 2 for platonic or familial relationships and Relationship: Name 1/Name 2 for romantic or sexual relationships. Please observe proper alphabetization with the character names. ("Athmaza" is not a surname, for example.) Some examples:
Relationship: Deret Beshelar/Cala Athmaza
Relationship: Deret Beshelar & Cala Athmaza
Relationship: Csoru Drazharan & Vedero Drazhin

Nominating worldbuilding
If you wish to receive a Thing centering on worldbuilding, nominate the thing you'd like to receive worldbuilding about with the format Worldbuilding: Thing. Please name your thing as clearly as possible. Some examples:
Worldbuilding: Alcethmeret Sewage System
Worldbuilding: Pneumatic Tubes
Worldbuilding: Language of the Nazhmorhathveras

Now, you can go forth and nom.